Spring Time Garage Door Tune Ups


Spring is here! Chances are that you are getting your spring projects underway and making a spring to do list. The yard is getting tidied up, the house is getting a thorough clean… but what about the garage? What needs to be done in there?


Let's take a good look at your garage door. Are there any obvious problems with it? Does it make a lot of noise when it opens or closes? Does it actually open and close every time? Of course, if you have to circle back around the block every time you leave the house just to make sure the garage door actually closed, it means something is wrong.


Sometimes, a malfunctioning door could mean something as simple as replacing the batteries in your opener, or getting your garage door re-adjusted. Sometimes, it's more complex, such as parts that are wearing out or damaged.


A garage door that isn't working properly could have serious repercussions. It leaves your home vulnerable to anyone passing by, or can put a halt in the productivity of your business if your overhead door refuses to open.


For all your garage door needs, we are here to help! At Central MN Door Service, we offer over 20 years of experience in the residential and commercial garage door industry. We represent some of the leading garage door manufacturers in the country. Whether you are looking to purchase and install a new garage door or repair your current one, know that when you walk through our doors, we can help you with yours. Contact us today, and let us help you get your garage door in order so that you can cross one more thing off your spring to list!